Latest project: From Owl of Us


Although this is a personal project of ours, we just couldn’t resist sharing it with you. We had an idea for an owl-themed greeting card with the message “From Owl of Us”—clever, huh? We started by illustrating an owl that is colorful, fun, friendly, and cheerful. We then carefully chose five different backgrounds to create a 5-card set. After designing the product and fine-tuning it in preparation for professional printing, we thought “Why not a website, too?” We decided the website should be every bit as fun as the cards themselves, so we created a fun logo and chose bold, bright colors that work harmoniously together, giving the overall effect of being as fun, friendly, and cheerful as our little owl friend.


Web design for those without stars upon thars…

In Dr. Seuss’ story, The Sneetches, there were star-belly sneetches and plain-belly sneetches. The star-belly sneetches, believing they were better because they had stars “upon thars,” would have nothing to do with the plain-belly sneetches. Eventually the sneetches realized “no kind of sneetch is the best on the beaches”.

Plainbelly Sneetch has applied Dr. Seuss’ moral that all sneetches are equal, whether or not they have stars on their bellies, to web design. Professional websites are out of reach for many because of the high costs involved, and star-belly web designers often will have nothing to do with plain-belly clients—that is, clients without big budgets.

This is where we come in. Plainbelly Sneetch strives to keep costs affordable in order to support the work of those who enrich our lives: artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, non-profit organizations, and small neighborhood businesses.

Happy clients…

“Website looks fabulous! I especially like the fonts and color scheme that were chosen. Great that the book cover is front and center!”

—Penguin/Viking Books on an author’s website

“OH MY GOD is it ever elegant! This is just a spectacular web site. It does everything it needs to do so simply and yet so beautifully.”

—from a client

“Yay! It looks so much better—contemporary, fresh, simple but stylish.”

—an author’s publicist on the redesign of her website