Plainbelly Sneetch is a one-sneetch operation

Hello… My name is Amanda Woods and after twelve years of working in publishing and advertising, I pursued a long-time interest by teaching myself web design and development. My experience in publishing and advertising served me well in beginning a new career in web design, as it provided me many relevant skills– project management, communication, and a keen eye for detail, to name a few.

I’ve always had a deep appreciation of all forms of art, a love for small mom-and-pop businesses, as well as an immense respect for and admiration of non-profit organizations which advance social causes. This, coupled with the realization that these comprise an underserved clientele in web design due to budget constraints, has led me to make serving these clients my sole focus.

Take a look at my portfolio and services information, then if you’re interested in discussing a website project further, contact me using the convenient form on the contact page.

Design philosophy


A well organized website ensures an easy to navigate and pleasant user experience, which encourages browsing and the more time a visitor spends on your website, the greater the benefit is to you.

Keep it simple

We don’t do a lot of bells and whistles because we believe your content should be the primary focus.

Color scheme, typography and images

Although the content should be the primary focus, your website should still be visually appealing so your website visitors will want to stay on your website long enough to read your content. This is achieved by carefully selected color schemes, typography, and incorporating hand-picked images to be used wherever possible to make your website even more appealing and enticing.

Happy clients…

“Website looks fabulous! I especially like the fonts and color scheme that were chosen. Great that the book cover is front and center!”

—Penguin/Viking Books on an author’s website

“OH MY GOD is it ever elegant! This is just a spectacular web site. It does everything it needs to do so simply and yet so beautifully.”

—from a client

“Yay! It looks so much better—contemporary, fresh, simple but stylish.”

—an author’s publicist on the redesign of her website