Web design and development

Many design companies employ both web designers and web developers. They will first have a designer design a website and then pass it to a web developer to develop the design into a website. This means their clients are essentially paying two people to create their website, which increases the total cost of a website. Because Plainbelly Sneetch is a one-sneetch operation, clients save money because only one person is getting paid to both design and develop their websites.

Custom blogs

Are you a potential client who doesn’t need an entire website and would simply want to have a custom blog? Plainbelly Sneetch does that, too. Custom blogs can also be added as part of a website package.


Need help with developing content for your website? No problem! Having experience in both copywriting and proofreading, Plainbelly Sneetch can help you with this task.

Stock photos

Website designs are enhanced with high-quality, appealing, and relevant photos. We can find just the right photos for your website. We can also incorporate photos you provide.

Coordinating business cards and postcards

Once you’ve settled on a design for your new website, it is advisable to have coordinating business cards designed and printed for a consistent look for your organization or business, or for your individual pursuit, such as writing or art. If you want or need postcards, as well, we can also do this for you.

Coordinating Facebook pages

As with business cards, having a “complete look” can also be achieved by having a custom Facebook page to match the design of your website and printed materials.

Detailed user manual

We develop every website we create in a content management system so you will be able to keep your content fresh, which encourages repeat visitors. To make this task easier for you, we provide a detailed user manual with screenshots of your website. If there are additions you are unable to make on your own, we always remain available to help and bill in low cost 15-minute increments.

Flat rate prices and flexible payment arrangements

To make our services even more affordable, we offer flexible payment arrangements tailored to your budget.

Web hosting

We offer free web hosting, which will save you a significant amount of money than if you were to subscribe to a web hosting service yourself. This is up to a $100/year value.

Free domain name for one year

We will secure your domain name for you and pay for it for the first year. After the first year, the renewal price for a domain name is $15/year.

Business cards

We will design a coordinating business card free of charge and pay for the first 500 to be printed and mailed to you. This is up to a $75 value.

Custom Facebook pages

Designing and implementing a custom Facebook page to coordinate with your website is free and will help you to have a complete and consistent look.


We first want to get to know you and what you need in a website. We also offer suggestions based on our experience of what you should include in a website.

Determine the price

Once we have a good idea of the scope of the project, we are able to give you the flat-rate price for creating your website. It is also at the this point that we can work together to determine a payment plan that suits your budget.

Design mock-up and approval

We want to get to know your tastes in design. Having experience in designing, we will also offer input. Once we get to know you better, we will work on a design and send you images of what a couple of pages would look like for your approval. We will tweak the design based on your input until we create a design you are excited about.


Once we have settled on a design, we will start developing your website in Wordpress so it is easy for you to manage once the project is completed. We do this locally (not on a live website) until the website is ready to be uploaded.

Upload and testing

After developing the website locally, we will upload the website under your domain name. Web hosting is at no charge to you. After uploading the website, we test it thoroughly to make sure it works as it should.


After uploading and testing the website, we will have you test drive it and comb through it carefully so you can let us know if there are any changes you would like for us to make.

User manual

This is the last step of the process. We want for you to be able to manage your website by yourself as much as possible and we go to great lengths to make sure you can do this. We create a very detailed user manual with step-by-step instructions and screenshots of your website for every page.


Knowing that there is a learning curve in managing a website, we are always available to answer any questions you may have in managing your website.

Happy clients…

“Website looks fabulous! I especially like the fonts and color scheme that were chosen. Great that the book cover is front and center!”

—Penguin/Viking Books on an author’s website

“OH MY GOD is it ever elegant! This is just a spectacular web site. It does everything it needs to do so simply and yet so beautifully.”

—from a client

“Yay! It looks so much better—contemporary, fresh, simple but stylish.”

—an author’s publicist on the redesign of her website